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Consultation / Surveys

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Corporate concept of BHKW-Consult includes the monitoring of legal and economic terms of conditions and observing technological developments in the field of CHP. For this purpose BHKW-Consult subscribes to more than 10 professional journals and newsletters which are then evaluated within the team. Born out of this experience during a time span of several years, BHKW-Consult has been able to establish a network of relationships with scientific institutions, planning experts, consultants and lawyers allowing BHKW-Consult to advice clients precisely and effectively.

During the last few years BHKW-Consult has also had to specialise itself in the reviewing of proposed projects. In numerous cases, technical documentation was analysed in order to verify the feasibility regarding technical issues, liquidability in regards to responsible financing and the overall plausibility of an offer being submitted to a client. Services in form of advice were requested frequently concerning proposals for CHP-Installations involving the use of vegetable-oil.

Parts of Services available by BHKW-Consult include the takeover of administrative responsibility for the assignment of certain tasks involving e.g. applications for refunds of petroleum tax or BAFA-Registration (German legal authorising body) as well as the revision of economic evaluations for already existing or planned projects. The possible improvement of, and/or optimal usage of an already operational facility is also a segment of BHKW-Consults services on offer.